Frequently Asked Questions 

I am not a sporty person - is Sports Massage for me?

Yes, anyone can benefit from a Sports Massage. Muscle tensions often develop through incorrect posture or repetitive movements that are work related which have nothing to do with sport.

Do you do deep tissue massage?

Yes, deep tissue massage is incorporated in a Sports Massage and is used amongst many more techniques, which help to lengthen and strengthen shortened or weakened muscle fibres.

Does it hurt?

With some deeper techniques you may experience some discomfort depending on the state of your muscles. However, treatment is always performed within your own pain threshold. Therefore during a session you will be repeatedly asked to give Dina a pain level number between 1 (no pain at all) and 10 (unbearable) to ensure that you can relax throughout the entire session whilst the most effective treatment is being applied.

How many treatments will I need?

This is completely dependent on the condition of your soft tissue and the length of time it has been troubling you. The number of treatments can be reduced by your own input by following post treatment advice.