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Sports & Regular Injury Rehabilitation Lurgan, Co Armagh

At CliniSport we aim to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate your sports injury effectively. Our treatments will be specific to your body. Our treatments will include some hands on treatment and exercise rehabilitation. The majority of our treatments also  require active participation outside of the clinic to speed your recovery.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Injury rehabilitation has a variety of different aims to help aid and enhance recovery depending on what stage of healing the injury is at.

Before any treatment is conducted, it is essential to test specific structures around the site of injury to establish exactly what has been injured. Once this has been identified with the history of the injury, treatment can then begin.

Within each specific stage of healing, there will be certain aims and thing which the therapist can do to enhance the quality of healing from increasing the strength of scar tissue, restoring mobility and function to the joint and much more. This does depend on the injury and the structure involved from ligament, tendon, muscle, bone and much more.

An injury normally affects more than one structure but might not to that same degree of injury. We use as many of our services to help the injured individual recovery when we can.



CliniSport: Sports Injury and Massage Clinic