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Deep Tissue (Sports) Massage manipulates of body tissues to reduce the stress and tension caused by sport, physical activity and the physical demands of the persons own life (This could be anyone from working a 12 hour shift in a factory, spending 8 hours sitting at a computer or in an office).

The stress and demands on a person will lead to this stress and tension build up within their muscles. This leads to an aches or pain which niggles at the person and can gradually get worse. The tension will then restrict movement over time. It is important to get treated as an athlete or recreational sports person will have an increase risk of injury with this tightness.

There are three main types of Sports Massage:

Maintenance Massage

This is a regular treatment which helps maintain the persons muscles from tension build up, knots, trigger points and help improve their range of movement / flexibility. This is recommended for anyone who places the body under a substantial physical demand from either gym, sport or their own job.

Generally we say that a maintenance massage should be done once a month is you are playing or training 5 days a week but it does depend on the person and how their bodies cope with the demands placed on them.

Event Massage

This includes a pre event and post event massage. Pre event massage is essentially another part of the warm up which concentrate on increasing muscle circulation and ease tension before competing as well as stimulating the muscles. This mean there is good blood flood in the muscle to enhance oxygen delivery to the muscles. It also gives psychological benefits as well. Post event massage is different as it is aimed at reducing muscle spasms and the metabolic build- up which happen from intense exercise. It improves the person’s recovery process and enhances their return to training, competition while reducing risk of injury.

Remedial Massage

Provided when an individual has an injury and is getting treatment to rehabilitate it. This type of massage can enhance healing and reduce discomfort of the injury. This includes reducing muscle spasms, improving formation of strong while flexible scar tissue and reducing the amount of scar tissue at the site post healing.

Physical Effects
Physiological Effects
1. Increases Circulation and micro circulation (helps removal of waste products like lactic acid and encourages a faster recovery.
Pain Reduction
Anxiety Reduction
2. Stretches not only the muscle fibres but also connective tissue which surrounds the muscle fibres’. This releases tension / pressure build up. 
Relaxation of muscles
Provide an invigorating feeling.
3. Break down scar tissue.

Does Sports Massage hurt?

A sports massage can hurt depending on your own pain threshold and the therapists’ experience and skills’.  We believe that a sports massage should be completed within minimal discomfort so you are not in pain.

Never be afraid to tell the therapist if they are going too deep or not deep enough. This will enhance both your treatment and allow the therapist to understand you better.



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